Chris Seman

Chris is the president of Strategic Franchising Systems in charge of leading the multi-brand company to success. Chris previously served in various senior executive positions, including President of Caring Transitions, and Vice President with Mr. Handyman International. Chris also owned and operated a successful Mr. Handyman franchise. After five years of amazing growth and success with Caring Transitions, Chris was promoted to COO/President of Strategic Franchising Systems to help spread his ideas and proven systems across all five Strategic Franchising brands.
Chris is a firm believer in franchising and the power of the franchise model, having seen the industry from the franchisee, franchisor and corporate level. Chris knows first-hand the critical importance of having a world-class training, marketing and operational support programs in place for franchise owners at all levels of the system. Today, Chris leverages that in-depth experience to spearhead growth for Strategic Franchising and position all franchise owners for success.

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