A Truly Rewarding Business Opportunity
Both Financially and Emotionally

As the only franchise system focused on maintenance and support for seniors both inside and outside of the home, the fast-growing brand of over 75 franchisees is uniquely well-positioned to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding senior services market.

    Why These Franchisees Bought Into TruBlue

    • TruBlue Helps Franchise Owners Succeed

      TruBlue Franchise Owners, USA

      Experienced and passionate in the work but new to business ownership? These franchise owners have grown under the assistance and support from the TruBlue team to guide their common passions to help clients in their communities. From responsiveness and coordination, to sharing a common goal for success, TruBlue has helped these owners every step of the way. Every business owner has a different journey, and the brand’s support allows each and every franchisee to navigate their unique hurdles and quickly get to operating their businesses efficiently.

    • Finding A Community Need Meant Starting A Business

      Carmen Hendricks, Vienna, VA

      TruBlue can give customers more of their time back, and Carmen Hendricks’s personal experiences in fighting for efficient in-home services and maintenance for seniors drove her to find a business that can continually return that favor in a fast-growing industry. Nothing drives an entrepreneur to their business calling than personal experience that has exposed a need in their community, and lead them to provide these services back to their community in turn. When there’s an unmet need in your community, why not answer the calling?

    • The Corporate Support Means Everything

      Tim & Kay Diemont, Yorktown, VA

      From Day 1, Tim and Kay Diemont had known they would be successful. The brand and level of corporate support along the way allowed them to walk away from training with confidence to start their business. New business owners have a lot of work to complete to get their first business open. Especially those new to entrepreneurship, the tasks can be daunting and without proper training and support, the questions may continue to stack up. But for those who choose TruBlue for their franchising endeavors, the continued support alleviates these stressors and allows owners to focus on the success of their business.

    Why TruBlue

    TruBlue Total House Care provides a helping hand around the house — inside and out. TruBlue’s services include to-do list chores, handyman services, house cleaning, maintenance, yard work, emergency repairs, seasonal work and preventative maintenance, all handled by a personal House Care Manager. TruBlue strives to provide affordable, worry-free living for seniors and hassle-free living for busy adults by providing full-service, trustworthy house care services. TruBlue franchise owners are required to complete the Senior Home Safety Certification program through Age Safe® America. As specialists, TruBlue franchisees will be able to perform Senior Home Safety Assessments and can make those recommended safety modifications if needed. The brand offers opportunity for business ownership to entrepreneurs looking to service the fast-growing senior population and the demand for home services. The brand is a niche segment of a high-demand (and growing) home service industry while providing its owners robust internal support infrastructure. The total investment estimate for a TruBlue Total House Care franchise ranges from $65,050–$91,400.

    Investing in TruBlue

    TruBlue is a business opportunity with a low cost of operations, high demand and high margins — a great formula for success. Best of all, franchise owners can lower their investment through our Winner’s Circle incentive program, which allows them to earn back their entire franchise fee as they hit different benchmarks with the business.

    TruBlue Support

    TruBlue is passionate about and fully committed to the success of our franchisees. For an emerging franchise, TruBlue has developed a top-notch support platform that would be competitive with a franchise system that has been in business for decades.

    Initial and Ongoing Training

    TruBlue franchise owners are supported from the moment the franchise agreement is signed and every step of the way going forward. Incoming franchise owners will complete our three-to-four-week virtual training course and our five-day in-person workshop in Cincinnati to learn how to network to build referral partners, sell your services, financial planning, become industry certified, manage customer relationships and effectively market your business in your community, including on your social media platforms.

    Business Coaching

    The support doesn’t stop once franchisees open their business. Each owner receives weekly check-in calls from our Operations Support team members to help ensure they are best positioned for success. We also have ongoing webinars, conference calls, and a National Conference where franchise owners can ask questions, network, and learn from the best in the industry.

    A Plan for Success

    TruBlue has developed an intensive 90-day checklist and Management System to help owners establish their businesses quickly. Every day for the first 90 days, we will give you tasks to complete, and we will check in weekly to hold you accountable for these tasks and help you address any obstacles you may have in achieving them. By the end of the 90 days, your new business should be well on its way to long-term success.

    A Proven Business Model

    The TruBlue team has developed a proven business model that has already helped multiple franchisees find success and live out their dreams as small business owners. With a mobile business, low startup costs and simplified operations, owners will be on the road to positive cash flow and profitability right away.

    Available Markets

    TruBlue has available territories in prime markets across the country and is seeking qualified, passionate franchisee candidates ready to help seniors and busy families. Contact us today to learn more about owning the right territory in your market.

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