A Unique Opportunity in
the Senior Services Industry

Join over 250 franchisees helping with the evolving needs of elderly loved ones in one of the most gratifying and fulfilling career choices. Caring Transitions makes business ownership simple.

    Why These Franchisees Bought Into Caring Transitions

    • Helping Lifestyle Transitions Is In-Demand

      Cheri Blankenship, Sugarland TX

      Whether it’s bringing smiles to a family member’s face or lifting a burden from a struggling client, Cheri Blankenship has always owned her business with the goal of getting her clients through difficult transitions.

    • Better Problem Solving with a Solution-Oriented Business

      Susie Rowan, Caring Transitions, Inland Empire – Foothills, CA

      Always looking to stay current with new improvements, maintain strong franchise owner relationships, and solve problems along the way, Caring Transitions has all the qualities Susie Rowan needed to join a franchise.

    • Franchise With the Backing of a National Brand

      Nicole Rea, Dallas, TX

      Caring Transitions has a national impact as owners and service providers that excells above competitors. As a national brand, owners have a strong backing and nationwide reach to allow for credibility, growth, and customer service success.

    • Starting A Feel-Good Business that Helps Others

      Risa Myer, The Woodlands, TX

      Service and the act of helping others, is a primary draw for most Caring Transitions owners. The brand’s mission aligned with the Myer’s values as they searched for a perfect long-term business ownership opportunity.

    • Falling In Love With The Job

      Sherri Gilette, Caring Transitions

      From the influence of a greater generation, to passion for the clientele, the Caring Transitions mission drove Sheri to start her business ownership journey, growing and evolving as an employer with a team of like minded individuals.

    Why Caring Transitions

    Not a moving company, and not an estate sales company, Caring Transitions is focused on just that: Transitions. By recreating the home environment for a seamless transition in senior living, the brand fills a specific gap in an otherwise crowded industry. Armed with empathy for the clientele and experience in the unique needs of the projects at hand, franchise owners are a part of a very niche opportunity with the benefits of franchising within Strategic Franchising. Founded in 2006, the brand now celebrates over 250 locations made up of passionate, caring professionals, with start up costs range from $58,912–$82,712. Franchisees have the opportunity to earn back their $44,900 franchise fee through its Winner’s Circle program by hitting a variety of key benchmarks.

    Investing in Caring Transitions

    When it comes to the business model, Caring Transitions offers an affordable, low-overhead, home-based concept to help franchisees keep costs low and profit potential high.

    Caring Transitions Support

    With proven operating, marketing, coaching and technology systems, the Caring Transitions team is dedicated to providing franchisees with all of the support, training and resources they need to thrive in their market.

    Easy Client Acquisition

    Caring Transitions has perfected a referral-based marketing system that helps franchise owners produce an endless stream of referrals and clients without needing to invest in third-party resources.

    Proprietary Suite of Technology

    Caring Transitions provides franchisees with the tools to launch their businesses with a complete and regularly updated technology system that streamlines operations, including marketing, staffing and billing. For example, franchise owners can arrange and host an in-person or online estate sale through its proprietary platform, CTBIDS, and receive a portion of the liquidation sales to maximize their income.

    Multiple Revenue Streams

    Caring Transitions franchisees can tap into multiple profit centers and customizable client solutions that allow them to scale their business, increase profitability and satisfy the growing demand for senior care services. Profit centers include on-site and online liquidation/estate sales, relocation/re-settling services, declutter and downsizing services and residential clean-out services.

    Top-Level Business Coaching

    Caring Transitions franchise owners will work with two dedicated business coaches, who will walk them through the start of their franchise journey to help them master the business’s operations. Franchisees will also participate in The Strategic Business Owner program, which helps them hone their skills so they can maximize their success, as well as their work-life balance and freedom.

    Available Markets

    Caring Transitions has available territories in prime markets across the country and is seeking qualified, passionate franchisee candidates ready to help seniors and their families. Contact us today to learn more about owning the right territory in your market.

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