Gary D. Green

Gary D. Green is known for being one of today’s most successful founders of franchise systems in the United States. Few have been as prolific and creative at franchise development and growth as Gary. With a thirty-year track record of success, he has founded 8 national franchise systems, successfully exited 3, and currently owns 5 franchise systems with his small group of fellow investors in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gary has retired from Strategic Franchising and no longer has any operational involvement but has helped put together an incredible team of brand leaders, business operators, support personnel, and shared services to ensure the on-going success of their franchise owners.

Gary is proud of the fact that he created a small business launch platform that has enabled thousands of people over three decades to seize more freedom, control, and success over their lives. Currently, with the 5 remaining systems, there are franchise owners in over 700 markets across the globe.

As a well-known entrepreneur, successful business owner and mentor, Gary has been featured in a variety of leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Starting Your Own Business, Franchise Times, CNN Financial News and Fox Business News. The International Franchise Association has ranked Gary among the top franchisers in the nation.

In the book, “No Guts No Glory”, written about Gary’s real-life experiences as an entrepreneur, he shares his wisdom to help others tap into their own courage to seize opportunities to improve their lives and lifestyles through business ownership.

“I think you have to have a passion. You have to have something that guides you, something that shapes you, that drives you.” – excerpt from “No Guts No Glory – The Story of Gary D. Green” by David Lyman.

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