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Pet Wants Announces Record Setting Franchise Development Growth

In Q1, Strategic Franchising’s brand, Pet Wants, reported record setting franchise development growth.  Pet Wants closed an impressive 14 new deals and has another 20 deals in the closing process. Pet Wants is on track to surpass its goal of opening 47 new franchise territories in 2021.

“Pet Wants is experiencing an upswell in interest from potential franchisees who realize the pet industry is an extremely high-growth space and recognize pet care businesses will forever be essential,” said Chris Seman, President of Strategic Franchising.

Chris Seman

About Pet Wants

Pet Wants offers a different approach to pet food. Most pet food is mass-produced with undisclosed additives, preservatives and chemicals, and can sit in a warehouse for more than a year before it ends up in a pet’s bowl. Pet Wants never uses preservatives or unhealthy chemicals and ships or delivers inventory to customers within three months of the products being prepared. Not only does the brand offer the highest quality kibble on the market, but franchise owners also customize the food based on a pet’s wants and needs — whether the pet is a finicky eater or needs to lose a few pounds.


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