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Leave A Legacy for Your Family with Strategic Franchising

One of the traits that a lot of Strategic Franchise owners have in common is the desire to start a business their children can one day take over. With Strategic Franchising we help you achieve those goals because we are with you every step of the way; when you’re successful, we’re successful. We consider our team a family, and nothing excites us more than seeing other families achieve their dreams of business ownership.

Nick Geraine and Loralyn Shore
Nick Geraine and Loralyn Shore - Pet Wants Delray Beach

Previously owning two family businesses, mom and son team, Loralyn Shore and Nick Geraine wanted to combine their passions for pets with their experience and opened Pet Wants Delray Beach. Their love for animals is what sparked their interest in Pet Wants but it was the opportunity to do more by offering a healthy alternative to big brand pet food.

“It’s as important to think about the food and treats you’re giving your pets as it is to think about your own diet,” Loralyn said

The Chuang Family
The Chuang Family - Pet Wants Chino Hills

Marijane and Jesse Chuang spent years working in corporate settings but knew they one day wanted to have their own business that they could get the kids involved with. Upon relocating their family to Chino Hills, they noticed a lack of pet stores that offered natural, fresh food for their pets. With the demand for qualiy, nutritional pet food at an all-time high, the Chuang’s knew the time was right to invest in a Pet Wants Franchise of their own.

“Our family has a passion for animals and we understand that pets are important members of the family. We want our pets to live long lives and that starts with providing them healthy, nutritious food,” Marijane said.

Steve and Kim Beckerman
Steve and Kim Beckerman - Caring Transitions of West St. Louis

Husband and wife team, Steve and Kim Beckerman, bring their business experience to Caring Transitions with their new franchise. Steve spent the last 30 years in operations management while Kim was the president and co-founder of her own business. They realized the need for Caring Transitions services after experiencing firsthand how difficult transitions can be.

“When Kim’s parents passed away, we went through the process of clearing out their home basically on our own. We gave up many weekends and took time off work – we understand the value of Caring Transitions and we see a strong need for this company in our community,” Steve said.

The Leach family
The Leach family - TruBlue of South Chattanooga

TruBlue has recently launched two new family owned franchises: TruBlue of South Chattanooga and TruBlue of The Woodlands. After spending the last 12 years in senior care and property management, David Leach and his wife Casie wanted to continue their passion of helping seniors while finally starting that family business they dreamed of.

“We understand that people need creative solutions based on their individual situations. We can work with you to figure out the best plan of action for your home and your needs, especially for older adults looking to age in place,” David said.

Sharon McDougal and Ashley Seymour
Sharon McDougal & Ashley Seymour - TruBlue of The Woodlands

Growing dissatisfied with their careers in operations and customer services, mom and daughter duo Sharon McDougal and Ashley Seymour chose to combine their talents and open a TruBlue Franchise.

“We want to help people age in place comfortably, safely and affordably. Without proper care and maintenance, even small issues can eventually become major problems,” Sharon said.

We are looking for franchise owners with the passion and drive to work hard. Strategic Franchising has put together a team that will train you so that you are ready to launch and develop your business.