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Caring Transitions Brand President, Ray Fabik, Interviewed in Authority Magazine

In a recent publication of Authority Magazine, Ray Fabik, brand president of Caring Transitions, was interviewed by Orlando Zayas, for the article “5 Things a Business Should Do to Create a Wow Customer Experience.” With over 25 years of experience in leadership roles, Ray Fabik shares his rich background and secrets to creating that Wow! experience.

“Today, as President of Caring Transitions, I feel that we have multiple layers of “customers” to serve. The franchise owners in the network, the clients who use Caring Transitions services, and the customers who buy online from our auction platform. These three stakeholders are equally important; and creating a “Wow” experience for all of them dictates our success as an organization. The challenge of servicing these three groups is really the core of running Caring Transitions. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who truly believe in creating an exceptional experience for all our stakeholders (customers), and as a team, we strive for that daily,” said Ray Fabik.

Ray Fabik

About Caring Transitions

Founded in 2006, Caring Transitions is the most trusted and experienced national franchise specializing in senior relocation and transition services. With more than 200 locations throughout the United States all owned and operated by certified relocation and transition specialists, Caring Transitions provides clients with supportive moves, auctions, rightsizing and transitions. 

This includes expert advice plus a well-executed transition plan beginning with the initial sorting of personal belongings through packing, unpacking, resettling and selling of items to the final clearing and cleaning of the property. For more information, visit

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