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“With TruBlue, Your Castle Becomes Hassle-Free,” Reports Cincinnati.com

Thomas Keller, TruBlue Franchise Owner

On the Cincinnati.com blog, Dick Maloney reports:

For many Greater Cincinnati area homeowners, their homes are their castles. They love living there and want to stay in them for the rest of their lives with independence and dignity.

The challenge, though, is keeping up with the never-ending drudgery of yard work, repair work and housework. Their “castles” can imprison them with overwhelming demands, especially as they grow busier or simply older.

The solution: TruBlue House Care, a full-service residential property management company in Montgomery, designed to let homeowners live like royalty by providing them with year-round, total house care – including yard work, routine and emergency repairs, holiday decorating, gutter cleaning, maid services, and whatever else is needed – for one low monthly fee.

“Now there’s no need for busy adults or seniors to move to a condo or senior complex for carefree living,” said Tim Moellering, director of operations for TruBlue’s Cincinnati territory. “Seniors can experience worry-free living in their own home for many more years to come. And busy adults can enjoy hassle-free, guilt-free living with greater freedom. Customers even buy our four-hour, prepaid house care package as a gift for their loved ones.”

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