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Strategic Gives Back to Local Communities – This Week’s Highlighted Brand: Fresh Coat

One of the biggest benefits of franchising is local business owners can bring the power of a national brand to respond quickly to pressing issues in their local communities. Most recently, Fresh Coat owner Sarah Ross of Austin, TX spearheaded a campaign to help her neighbors in Houston. With a starting focus on the Fresh Coat family members in the Houston area, she is helping gather donations to get employees back on their feet. This is turn will allow the Houston-area Fresh Coat teams to be able to go out and help the rest of the community in their houses. Well done, Sarah!

Paint it Forward Community Efforts from Fresh Coat Painters

But giving back to communities is not new for Fresh Coat, which has its own nation-wide program called “Paint It Forward”. In fact, earlier this year, Sarah Ross also responded to an urgent need for the medical personnel of the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. Nurses and doctors often have to work long shifts, and the work is grueling and exhausting. When Sarah heard that one of their staff had been killed in an automobile accident when she fell asleep at the wheel after working through the night, she volunteered her services through Fresh Coat’s Paint It Forward program to donate the materials and labor to finish their employee resting space. This new facility is a place where staff can rest and retreat to keep such a tragedy from happening again.

Most recently Fresh Coat of Knoxville, TN used the program to paint a school’s gymnasium with paint that was much better suited for the facility and its uses than what was there before. The school’s athletic director said that without Paint It Forward, the project would have cost $12,000, and it was simply unfeasible. But with the help of local businesses giving back to their community, the school was able to give its student-athletes the facility they felt they deserved.

At Strategic Franchising, we sincerely believe that our owners being tuned-in to the needs of those in their community and bring our national strength to those needs is one of the greatest things about Franchising. Your local area doesn’t have to wait until something makes nation-wide news to receive help from a national brand in your area, because our owners’ voices are heard loud and clear when they tell us their area is hurting. If you want the strength of a national presence, but the sensitivity of a local business, franchising just may be the best fit for not only yourself as an entrepreneur, but also be a huge benefit to your community.