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Leadership Taking Home Helpers to the Next Level

Emma Dickison Smart Business

Emma Dickison Smart BusinessEmma Dickison understands what a strong business model looks like.  Dickison was an executive at Blockbuster for 14 years, helping the brand grow from 150 stores to 8,800 worldwide.  She then took her knowledge and expertise to Sylvan Learning Center and grew the brand exponentially as well.  In 2007, she was approached by Home Helpers Founder & CEO, Gary Green, and recruited to become the President of Home Helpers & grow the brand in similar fashion.

At Blockbuster and Sylvan, Dickison was successful in taking the brand to number one in the respective industry.  She now has the difficult task of doing it a third time with Home Helpers in the home care industry.

For Dickison to be successful at Home Helpers, she knew she would have to accomplish multiple initial steps to set the foundation of the future.  First, she had to determine and analyze where changes needed to be made within the company.  A strategy needed to be designed of how they were going to get from where they were to where they want to be.  Finally, Dickison had to be able to communicate the changes and strategies through the company to create growth.

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