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Helping Seniors Transition in Life With Care

Caring Transitions Owner, Erin Marcus

After a successful career of working as a senior vice president of a long-term care insurance company, Erin Marcus took a risk and left to start her own business.  Marcus opened Caring Transitions of Evanston, a franchised business helping individuals and families declutter their home, establish estate sales, find local real estate agents, preserve family heirlooms and assist with finding seniors a new living arrangement.

Marcus caters to many seniors looking to move from their home into something smaller.  She helps them to plan what to bring to their new living residence, what to sell and what to store.

“It’s a very difficult situation when you’ve been in your home for so long and now are deciding to move into a one-bedroom apartment,” Marcus said. “Our goal is to prevent stress from this life transition by doing everything from organizing a floor plan to see what items will fit into their new home, selling items in an estate sale, hiring movers, and even unpacking their new home for them—basically everything we can do to make them more comfortable.”

Marcus’ Caring Transition business looks to ease the stress and confusion that goes with many moving situations.  She takes the dirty work off of the client’s hands and helps fix the issues so the clients have a smooth transition.

“It can be an overwhelming experience to be in a transitional phase like this,” Marcus said. “When I worked in corporate America my background was in corporate problem solving, and now I’m just doing the same thing but on an individual level.”

Her previous career with the long-term care insurance provider LTCI Partners was great and she was very successful, but she knew that there was something missing.

“I was indirectly involved with seniors by teaching financial planners why long-term care insurance was important for their senior clientele, but I wanted to be able to do something where I could work directly with that demographic myself,” she said. I thought there has to be a way to combine making a living with helping people.”

The Caring Transitions franchise has filled her void she was missing before.  Marcus enjoys working one-on-one with her clients that are going through difficult times whether it be a divorce, death, downsizing and more.

“It’s great because I can make a real difference in the lives of a group of people (seniors) that is growing and needs the assistance,” Marcus said. “I like that we provide a variety of services and no two jobs or clients are the same.”

For more information, visit Caring Transitions.