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Fresh Coat Painters Franchisee Greg Jewell Launches Painting Program for Veterans

Moe & Marilyn Silverman

Fresh Coat Painters owner Greg Jewell and his wife, Susan, had been in business over a year and were looking for a way to make a bigger impact on their neighborhood beyond typical charity fundraising. After brainstorming, they settled on creating the “Restoring the Colors” painting program for veterans.

“We were thinking that once a year we’d give away painting services,” Jewell said. “Once we decided on assistance for veterans, my paint manager suggested the name ‘Restoring the Colors’ because of the tie-in to the military, as well as the painting aspect. It makes sense, and it’s something we support.”

Jewell’s “Restoring the Colors” program  selects a veteran to receive free services from the painting franchise. All of the expenses from the project is covered by Fresh Coat Painters.

Greg Jewell, Owner, Fresh Coat Painters

Moe and Marilyn Silverman were the first home chosen to receive the “Restoring the Colors” program benefits. Fresh Coat Painters did a complete home paint makeover for the couple. The project would have cost the Silvermans around $3,000 to complete. The Silvermans had known the Jewells through family connections.

“When Susan told me that her husband owned a painting company, I contacted them to do some work at our house,” Marilyn said. “Our patio covering was coming apart, paint was peeling, and I knew it needed to be fixed quickly. The team did a wonderful job. They were as nice as could be, very polite.”

As Greg worked on the house, he noticed the exterior portion of the house was in need of painting as well. Susan suggested that the Silvermans would be perfect clients for the “Restoring the Colors” program. Surprisingly, Moe himself had been a union painter in New York after returning home from serving overseas.

“Moe served in World War II and was an MP in Japan during the U.S. occupation right after the war,” Jewell said. “He’s now in his 80s, so even though he spent his career as a professional painter himself, he’s not really financially or physically able to paint a whole house.”

The Silvermans project was a complete success and Greg plans to have the “Restoring the Colors” program to be an annual project with work being done around Veterans Day. Jewell explained, “Our hope as a company is that people will be applying for the giveaway and that every nominee will be worthy of receiving it.”

For more information, visit Fresh Coat Painters franchise.