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Franchising – Find a Business You Love with the Support You Need

Most people think “restaurant” when they hear the word franchise. That’s understandable, as they are arguably the most visible (eating is a universal, recurring demand after all), but don’t think that’s the only way to get into this business model! The truth is, virtually any type business you have ever used has at least one brand operating under a franchise model. That’s because, at its core, a franchisor has already built a successful business and chose to teach others his or her methodology as a way to grow without having to directly manage each individual store that opened in a new location. It’s a means of expansion that most business owners consider when they feel they are ready to grow their territory and brand.

Strategic Franchising franchise models for a successful ownership.

Not only does franchising give franchisees proven tools, best practices, and support, but the franchisor gets an owner that is already familiar with the new area, something that might take him or her several months to learn on his/her own. With that in mind, what businesses are absent or lackluster in your area? Do you see any that you are passionate about or know you could definitely provide a superior experience for the consumer with just a little help? If so, it might be a great idea for you to find a company that franchises in that industry in your area. For starters, take a look here at Strategic Franchising Systems – we have five different brands, all in separate, high-demand industries. Read their descriptions below. If you don’t see any that catch your eye, you still should consider looking for others. But if you do see something you are passionate about or believe has great potential in your area, click on the company’s name to be taken to their contact form, and we’ll give you a call shortly!

Fresh Coat Painters: Painting Done Right!

As the proverb goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We’ve all either experienced or witnessed the horror stories associated with home improvement contractors. There are plenty of good ones (we hire them!), but the problem is wide-spread enough that many people resort to doing jobs they aren’t really qualified for themselves – at least they know how much it will cost and when the job will be completed, even if the quality is sub-par. But why should it have to be this way? Fresh Coat pairs together business-minded entrepreneurs trained in our system with highly-skilled painters to meet a nation-wide demand for a painting service that is professional and courteous with the highest quality work completed on time and for the quoted price (no estimates!). If you are a believer in customer satisfaction with a strong desire to succeed, there is no need for knowledge in the industry (we’ll give you that).

Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions a senior assistance company that has brought under one roof several services that normally require consumers to hire several different companies – after weeks of stress trying to figure out what they need and when. We take the stress out of all of that. We offer every service seniors need to relocate or downsize, but it’s so much more than that. From the beginning, we walk beside them, helping them find what services they need, and, if possessions must be parted with, helping them find what they need to keep and helping them either make some money by selling some of their possessions or finding new life with grateful individuals and families by donating others. We offer the same services for surviving family members after a loved one has passed away. Don’t worry, this is no medical care provided as a part of this brand. All you need is a strong work-ethic, the willingness to follow our proven system, and a heart for seniors to open your own business that is financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

TruBlue House Care

TruBlue offers professional home care for those who lack either the time or know-how for the projects that need doing. Whether massive remodeling and outdoor landscaping projects, or just regular lawn maintenance or installing a new appliance, TruBlue provides its customers with home experts that have the expertise they need and the professionalism they deserve. For a full list of services offered and to see if this franchise is one you would like to open start in your area, click on the brand name at the top of this description.

The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach is a great opportunity for those who love to mentor fellow entrepreneurs and business professionals so that they can reach their full potential. You’ll help sharpen the skills and help hold accountable owners and managers, both as groups and one-on-one, to follow through to apply what they learn in through your teachings. Best of all, we can train you to be an effective coach across multiple industries, so you aren’t just limited to your previous areas of experience.

Pet Wants

Today’s pet owners are becoming more and more scrupulous about their four-legged family’s members’ diet and nutrition. The demand for 100% natural pet food is soaring. But, the biggest problem faced by any pet food brand is keeping nutritional food fresh. Pet Wants solves this by only cooking in small batches, one month’s supply at a time. Whether a franchisee chooses the deliver-only method, or prefers to open their own store front, their clients rest easy knowing that their pets are receiving the fresh, nutritional meals that help ensure the long-term health of their furry family members. If are looking to own your own business that combines with your love for animals, look no further!