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Business Coaching Launches Engineering Business to New Heights

Chris Gould & Family
Chris Gould & Family

Chris Gould & Family

David Josephson, owner of The Growth Coach of Jax, began coaching Christopher Gould, owner of an architectural and engineered component design firm, in July of 2011. Gould needed help to get his business realigned. He was working 80 hours a week, rarely saw his family and wasn’t communicating well with his staff or contractors. He didn’t have time to breathe.Gould’s firm, Gould Design, Inc. (GDI), was founded in 2009 and focused on engineering the design of roof trusses for component manufacturers in the United States & Canada. The firm had experienced some success but was being slowed by a number of factors Gould identified during the strategic thinking process. Gould’s design team had around 24 independent contractors scattered everywhere in virtual offices. The widespread team meant having exceptional communication was the key to success.

David Josephson, Owner, The Growth Coach of Jax

David Josephson

Josephson stepped in to help Gould completely change his business mind with strong business and sales coaching. The first step they took was having Gould go through a behavioral analysis (DiSC) assessment. The test helped determine that Gould’s high ”D” profile was causing issues with a lot of his high “C” profile staff members and contractors.

His “D” profile was sending messages to his staff that he was demanding, impatient, easily distracted and had no interest in his staff. However, Gould cared deeply about his business and staff members but couldn’t communicate that correctly. Josephson helped Gould reevaluate the way he worked and become a better listener and communicator. The other issue plaguing Gould was that he was trying to wear all the hats in the business. He had his hands in every area of the business and was too busy to look long-term at what GDI Design should become. The combination of Josephson’s business coaching and the interaction of Gould’s Sales Mastery Group gave Gould a new way to operate his company and think like a CEO.Faithfully following the full twelve month cycle of business coaching, Gould was proud to announce in the second quarter of 2012, his company’s revenue had exceeded the total revenue of 2011. He also is only working 40 hours a week and is happily spending time with his family all over again.

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